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Saturday, 28 January 2012


Today is done,n tomorrow were comes.. n the time will past without wait a seconds happens..what happens today and last its comes be a moments,and its cannot be change but  people maybe can be change..So,this time,im waiting for  à4months again...huhuhu!!!huh,coz im already meet him last month.. :P..hehe.. everytime its happens to me,but im still waiting to see the happiness that i cant be say and see that one day it can be a lucky for me... But!!! I hope i can be more patience and struggle to face it...Okey,for this year im maybe were planned to go holiday at places haved snow..yup!!! The places have snow and cold... its my dream and him...hehehe...for this time,i have 2places that im planned to go the places have snow.. and the placed are secret to say BCOZ..its on the planned(not sure again),maybe we want to celebrated for an anniversary also at here...grrr....really excited...hope this planned going be ok n make fun n happening for us...
# may allah bless us # 

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