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Friday, 2 December 2011

Jar of Hearts

For you,i hope this time you can see my blog that im wrote here  and i want you to know why i do this to you before heart always remember you and i don’t know why??..until today,i dont know who i am in your heart thats you just want to being a friend with me or not..or you just want being me a patrner as you have broken hurt with someone and then leave me when now you almost happiness with her..verry not fair for me,coz you nothing give me one chance to slow talk with you and its happens around 1year..yeah!!!.. since a 2months i know you,i give supported to you,i give u happiness,i try to be the best person who can understand about your work,your problems and anything..BECAUSE u know why i’m doing this,coz i dont want you upset n always thinking negative and comes to your life just wanna you be laugh and never give you burden about your problem.. but,why!,you doest appreciate,i want to refressh back when the first place me meet n know each other.010120**  was the newyear,and that day i was participated for a bowling competition at the curve.Yeah,u come for this competition as a team cheers for give supported my team bowling.and as i know,u are the cousins of my bestfriend.when i play the bowling,u wanna to tackle me when i saw u always smile with me n try to sit behide me.never mind,coz i think u just wanna be supported my team n i’m just to be relax and cool.But,after 3days u try to add me on a facebook and i approved it.Since that day,you always chatting me on fb and always contact me and even one day u try to bring me to hangout with you after you finish your work.Yeah,looking the honestly u wanna be friends i agree it to hangout.And the day u bring me hangout and you take me with your car “perdana” and u bring me at many special places that i cant believe one day i can move day u take care me like a princess,u give me anything that i want..and sometimes i feel we like are couple..but im always push my feeling outside with u coz,i know who i am..and i dont want to receive u to being me a partner coz i know whose girl you almost loving..n then u bring me at a garden,thats very nice places look like an english style coz i saw the rose flowers and the puntual water here thats a very beauty scene and i feel so enjoyed here  and its first time i feel it..u bring me here n then we sits together at the garden.then u tell me thats u wanna to said me something thats very seriously n you serously want me as a girlfriend  and want to declare with me coz i like as your first love before this and u try to understand me that u n your gf now never have declare with her until  today..i’m very shock to listen it,coz i think u are loving with her..n now u said u are just pity with her n until  4years u together u doest have feeling with the girl not same the feeling u like me..huh..i’m very shock for here,i listen many secrets from u n right now i’m understand why u look so moody n not happiness with her n you want to leave her.for the time,i cant received u being my partner coz myheart not for you.n i try to slowtalk with u to understand,if we together maybe many heart was hurting looking u n,i think if u like me n i like u its just a dreames n mybe not the real right now and i try to give u some advise thats also were my hearts broken becoz we cant together anymore..for the day we meet is the first and the last day i with u..i know u were very upset coz im give u warning to meet me again,n u need to appreciate the girl n try to forget me and i know its very hard for us to forget the our memories together..if u want to know,u are the most person that im looking before this becoz u have everything that i need and the person i dreames..but i  cant still with you,however u begging me..u know,this is the verry2 hard for me to leave u n make a true decision when i know your heart its for me,how could i do thats..i just wanna u to see maybe i comes to your life just to make u happy n i know u still love her,and i want see u happy with her n appreciate her more n try to be hard when someting problem is around with u coz i just want you to study more learns how to be honest n not to make some mistakes again..Now,i see u are very happiness with her and im also happy to see us.. for you dear “MKAR”,i hope u still want being me a friends and forget about what happens with us, n i know u still cannot forget me bcoz u still save all the picture thats we meet in the garden in your blackberry fon and i dont have any picture its coz u want to save all.Now,im only have a memory with u and the times its never turn back coz now each other have a be appreciate for them..And for u also,thanks a lot to repair my laptop n format it without take any charge for me.. but why?? Im the customer of u right,n i wanna to pay it but u said u want to repair it bcoz of me..u said u do this bcoz u love me..n u love me until really2 appreciate it,but i cant..i know u almost said u love me,but the past is past..for a long time i didt see u again,and im still miss u..Now we are not friends as  fb like bfore this,and u lost..u leave me again,and u didt come back to me anymore..i know,im verry2 cruel2 to you i didt means to hurts day,i hope u can understand what im doing this to you now..and im verry2 sorry n begging you dont lost again n im always hope we can still friends agains,n not grudge with each other..

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