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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Game with UM..

Here for you.. you know i hate you??.. and u hate me too... hehehehe... but we always ignore it.. you know i hate u too much??..but u really2 hate me that verry2 too much... hahahaha.... not fair,right???..but everyone know it,and sometimes its like a one game that we always play it...hahaha...okeyhh... yeah... you know the different between us.. verry2 contra that u n me.. u like maths n dont like engglish But different with me coz i like english and dont like math(see the many number can make me blurr).huhuhu.. you like talk too muchh(bla,bla,bla,bla,,,,any story u talk) but i like to be listening and quit.. you like to give me advise,,but im notty to undertand it..(hehehe,liar to understand it) always like to sleep early,but im not(i know u tired,huhuhu)... you always jelousy to see me close to another guy,but im always crazy to see u always hot tempered with me when im try to push you,but make me crazy when u push me try to give me medicine when i sick,but im try to cook u what u wanna to eat when you sick...(tq take care me) always said u not the better person,but im always said i like honestly who u are.... always started to message me,say “hi” or else,but im always ready to waiting ur message..... you always ask me that im healthy or not,but im always ask you what are you always give me jokes and kidding but im always laugh to see u.. hehehe...however u  and me got many different,,until today u and me are always together...

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