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Sunday, 4 December 2011


Hi all,almost see the face look like J smile!!!..okey,for this time i would like to wrote something important and maybe for something knowledge for all here..  for those doest means the word f**k,it its the word that u can search it at google or anywhere,yeah everyone know what the meaning that..BUT! here,i want to say why people right now can show his finger and then say f**k to some else..yeah,,end then they said doing it to someone can show their feeling who you are??.. hahaha..verry stupid,and nonsense!!!!.. when u do it,the people can think thats u are the level people that doest have an knowlege n so stupid.. now in scenario,people were talk too much why ladies now verry2 bravely to show the habits like thats to his same sex??.. shitt!!!!.. do the ladies have the @#%&?# also want to f**k ladies also...??? NONSENSE!!!...However you wanna to show your feeling to someone,doest make your like a ladies that know everything and follow what the people do.. yeahh!!!..they doing it coz they know what they want,and the all bad habits it comes from illegal not from local,n the b** can do it,not a g**l..huh!! remember,you all need to carefully about this,n doest make it like a joke...<<< O_o >>>

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