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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Here...Take a Time

Hi all...Im really excited to wrote here coz yesterday i were hangout to midvalley wth my friends,emly tony..hehe..for those nothing im doing at home,so we take a time to hangout n holiday were started right now,but i can't back to my hometown early coz on 12/12-13/12 i need to submit my proposal and presentation for my project work.. after that,17/12 my friend classmate already want to married,so i need to attend it.. yeaahhh,my busy not finish here but on 20/12-21/12 i need to participate a seminar to create a website..huh!!! so,when my holiday were started???..maybe i just holiday for 2week also,however my holiday started during 1months...huhuhuhu...verry2 not fair when looking,here i dont want talk too much about it..
okehy....bubye..<<< O_o>>>

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