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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Never grudge with anyone

Hi all .. long time I did not write my blog I am. ye, I got busy with my studies. sometimes there is really just want to write, like this is .. Okay, this week I do not how I was busy this week because my class is canceled due to a lot of Lecturer I have something else, maybe our class will be replaced on the other day .. huhuhu. anything today I want to talk a bit about live independently. Sometimes we want to live independently when I do not need to wait away from the family only, because we can learn to be independent from our own childhood. Since childhood I sat in the hostel because I want to learn how to want to be independent, so that's why I like away from family. And here I do not mean I like doing my own thing, but when I think back, I need a lot of things in the world I want to own survey.. so, it's time for me to be independent .. during my study at college, I more independent than before. Maybe I very much apart of the family is the place I close with them. in KL, I need to work for themselves what I want. Independent were teach me so mature and intelligent to make decisions. Okeyh, last week might be something going on in our home among friends together. I and on behalf of friends is a home not want to shy away from a friend it. But I hope you understand that independence. We sit here together kat want to learn and make friends. So acknowledge the people who asks you this, because people who have concern and love with you Posted care. Please learn to understand each other, and assume that our criticism is that an advice because we do not store any ill feeling. At least we appreciate. We remain friends, and what happened this year do not blame us again. Because the last day we want to bob up and down no longer. So, it's up to you and think it is any of you want to go you should be independent and do not burden the lives of others and you understand what the meaning of true friendship in the future. It's up, I write here as a scribble my so you know we never grudge with anyone .. (︶︹︺)

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