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Friday, 28 February 2014

One day i will change everythings..

Sometimes i’m like to being a own life without someone broken my heart,without someone care about me,and just ignore me..Coz i know,all people not perfect,and im always give them hope,but i know,one day they will be ignore me.. yeah,maybe if im alone,its can be better than with all people.. i can survive my life,just doing all my self,i can do it.. Maybe now u see me not tough,ok will prove it.. One day if i had everything,dont come with me and say im ur friend or anything,coz im really2 hate that people said like that.. 

Ya allah,i know ur always be my side,u know how my feeling now.. Im not tough to face all this problems.. but im try to be the best for my parents and family.. I know, i dont have anything , and now im still zero,but im always try to get what i want to be succes.. I know,its too hard,more challenging,need to face everything the problem alone without someone understood me,but im not give up.. 

Im pray to u allah, i need space to be alone and be more good than yesterday... im always try.. try,and try.. i cant give up.. Please give me that strengths.. Im lost now.. and i hope everythings will be ok.. I will ignore what people said,coz i know,one days im will get the luck.. insyaallah...

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